Corporate Travel Management

Our Corporate Travel Management team exclusively meets the specialised needs of companies and other institutions in the private and public sectors.
With our CTM Team, you can consolidate every aspect of your business travel, strategic meetings and corporate event management needs to maximize savings, efficiencies and duty of care across your entire business travel portfolio.
We not only act as travel consultants to book and serve our corporate client’s need, we also analyse their travel expenditure and identify opportunities to optimise savings.

Here are some key elements and activities involved in our Corporate Travel Management:

Travel Policy Development

Establishing a comprehensive travel policy that outlines guidelines, procedures, and restrictions for business travel. This policy may cover areas such as booking procedures, preferred vendors, travel expense limits, reimbursement policies, and travel safety guidelines.

Travel Booking and Reservations

Coordinating the booking of flights, hotels, rental cars, and other transportation services for employees. This can involve negotiating corporate rates with preferred airline & hotel suppliers, using online travel booking platforms, or partnering with travel service providers or DMC’s to handle the reservations.

Expense Management

Monitoring and controlling travel-related expenses, including tracking receipts, processing reimbursements, and ensuring compliance with the company’s expense policy. This may involve using expense management software or tools to streamline the reimbursement process and gain visibility into travel expenses.

Travel Risk Management

Implementing strategies and measures to address potential risks and ensure the safety and well-being of employees during business travel. This may include providing travel insurance, emergency assistance services, and communicating relevant travel advisories and security information.

Traveler Support

Assisting employees with their travel needs and providing support throughout their trips. This can involve offering a dedicated helpdesk or hotline, providing pre-travel information and itineraries, addressing travel related issues or changes and ensuring a smooth travel experience for employees.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Collecting and analysing travel data to gain insights into travel patterns, expenses, and compliance. This information can be used to identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate better deals with vendors, assess travel policy effectiveness, and make informed decisions to optimize travel management processes.

Supplier Relationship Management

Building and maintaining relationships with travel suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and DMC’s which help us in negotiating contracts, evaluating service quality, and ensuring preferred rates and benefits for the corporate company and its employees.