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Switzerland conjures images of snowcapped peaks, glacial lakes and quaint mountainside villages. Of the finer things in life like exquisite craftsmanship and creations from chocolates to watches. It is a place synonymous with peace and stability. Sitting in the heart of Central Europe, it shares borders with five of the continent’s wonderful and unique countries — France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. All of this combined puts Switzerland tourism high on almost every tra-veller’s bucket-list. Venture into the land of the majestic Alps, of glorious cities and picturesque rural life, of castles and old town squares, of the most beautiful blend of European influences. For this is not an experience that should be simply be seen in photographs or the movies, it is one to be had.

Swirzerland Tourism: A Quick Overview



Official Languages

French, Italian, German & Romansh

Dial Code



8.59 Million (As of 2019)


Swiss Franc (CHF)

Time Zone




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