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Emirates Park Zoo, located in Abu Dhabi, is a captivating destination that offers a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Spread over vast grounds, this renowned zoo is home to a diverse range of animal species from around the world.

As you wander through the zoo, you will have the opportunity to encounter a fascinating array of creatures, from majestic elephants and exotic birds of prey to curious primates and slithering reptiles. The well-designed exhibits provide a glimpse into the natural habitats and behaviors of these remarkable animals, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Emirates Park Zoo goes beyond traditional exhibits by offering interactive encounters and activities. Visitors can engage in feeding sessions, camel rides, and pony rides, creating unforgettable moments and fostering a connection with the animal kingdom. The zoo also features engaging shows and presentations that showcase the unique abilities and intelligence of its residents, such as the entertaining Elephant Show and the captivating Sea Lion Presentation.

Children are especially catered to at Emirates Park Zoo, with designated areas like the Petting Zoo and Children’s Zoo, where they can interact closely with friendly animals and learn about their habits and characteristics. The zoo’s commitment to education and conservation is evident throughout the premises, providing valuable insights into the importance of protecting and preserving our natural world.

With its beautiful surroundings, welcoming atmosphere, and a range of amenities including food outlets and picnic areas, Emirates Park Zoo offers an enjoyable and immersive experience for visitors of all backgrounds. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a family seeking adventure, or an individual looking for a peaceful retreat, Emirates Park Zoo is a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories.


  • Sea lion show-10:45am, 5:00pm, 7:15pm
  • Elephant encounter-9:30am,11:30am,3:30pm,5:30pm,6:15pm
  • Birds show-10:15am,4:15pm
  • Car driving adventure- 10am to 9pm
  • Zoo Zip and climb- 10am to 9pm


  • The ticket includes access to the zoo, allowing visitors to explore its extensive grounds and encounter a diverse range of animal species. From elephants and giraffes to lions, tigers, zebras, reptiles, birds, and more, guests can get up close to fascinating creatures from around the world.
  • In addition to animal exhibits, you are also granted access to entertaining shows and presentations that showcase the unique abilities and behaviors of the zoo's residents. These shows provide both entertainment and education, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom.
  • For children, the zoo offers interactive attractions such as the Petting Zoo and Children's Zoo. These areas allow young visitors to engage in hands-on experiences and learn about different animals in an engaging and interactive manner.
  • You are provided an all-encompassing experience at Emirates Park Zoo, combining the opportunity to observe and learn about diverse animal species with interactive attractions and essential amenities for an enjoyable day out.
  • All personal expenses spend for shopping, drinks and dining etc on-site during the tour.


3 – 5 hours



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